Pagan Patriarchal Phest – Re-energizing male energy at Camp Gaea

This weekend on October 8,9 & 10th, the Pagan Patriarchal Phest is being held at the Gaea Retreat Center with the goal to explore, discuss, honor and acknowledge the God in all His many forms.  This festival is only open to those that are male or self-identify as male.

The organizers of this festival feel that Pagans have gone to an extreme of Goddess worship, overlooking and ignoring the Man standing next to the Lady and have organized a men-only festival to focus on issues affecting men or those that self-identify as male.  Blair Marshall, the primary organizer of the events stated, “The purpose of this festival is to bring about a balancing in a culture that boasts it’s desire for balance in all things yet is firmly turned towards Goddess worship opposed to God and Goddess worship.  It is also being presented to organize a Masculine community of support and growth similar to that of GGG (Gaea Goddess Gather).”

Topics of discussion will include what it means to be masculine, what/who the Male Triad are, how masculine energy differs from feminine energy in day to day life as well as when working in circle. There will be guided discussions about the Warrior Path, the Sage Path, and the Artisan/Craftsman Path.

Other activities include a Sweat Lodge for eight to ten participants on Saturday.  Additional sweats may be added if there is interest.


KC Witches Meetup hosting a Samhain event

Kansas City Witches Meetup will be hosting a Samhain event on Saturday, October 30th to be held upstairs at the Aquarius Bookstore, 3936 Broadway, Kansas City, MO

This is an Open Sabbat Ritual that is open to everyone in our Pagan Community but they ask that everyone RSVP as soon as possible.   Currently a community pot luck dinner, costume contest and a Samhain ritual is planned. 

Current schedule is:

5:00 – 6:00 Room and Pot Luck Dinner Set Up
5:30 – 6:00 Costume Contest
6:00 – 7:00 Samhain Potluck Community Dinner
7:00 – 7:30 Dinner Cleanup, Prepare for Ritual
7:45 – 8:15 Samhain Ritual
8:15 – 8:30 Clean Up
8:30 – 9:30 Social Time and Final Clean Up
9:30 Out the Door

KCWMU will supply table settings, cold and hot beverages.   They ask that everyone bring a meat dish and a side dish large enough to feed 8-10 people.   The side dish may be vegetables, salads, deserts or breads.   Since there will be both vegetarian’s and vegan’s present, please mark dishes with meat and dairy appropriately.  ccordingly.  There are plenty of plug-ins for crock pots.

Ritual Attire: Black, purple or other dark attire is recommended but you may wear anything that you feel spiritual in.

There is no fee to attend this event, however they are asking for donations of $2 to help cover the cost of this and other KCWMU events.   They will have a collection cauldron by the door.

For full details and to RSVP see:

The Largest Heathen Gathering in North America meets in Kansas City

On September 24-26, the largest heathen gathering in North America took place during the 2nd annual Lightening Across the Plains.  170 adults and 70 children came together as part of the greater Midwestern heathen community from throughout the Midwest to include Michigan, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas.  

The event was hosted by Jotun’s Bane Kindred at the Gaea Retreat Center near Kansas City, MO.  Twice as big as the year before, it was organized to enable heathen from all over the Midwest to gather as a people and meet face-to-face.  As stated in their brochure “It’s about mingling Wyrd…and taking the measure of another person, and finding them of worth.”

The event had no shortage of activities which included religious activities, Viking games, a Midwest Thing, workshops, crafts, vendors, community dinners, and a Heathen auction.

Religious Activities

Several religious activities occurred during the event in honor of the Heathen faith.

An opening and a closing ritual took place to declare grith and frith over the gathering.  During the opening ceremony Tyr was honored, and the perimeter of the gathering area was walked with gifts presented to the Vaettir of the land.  The ceremony enlisted the help of the children who distributed gifts to the land wights.

On Friday night after dark, an Odin blot was held followed by a Folk Symbel.   A horn was passed during each and the crowd toasted the Gods and Goddesses, their ancestors & heroes, and then an open round where each could boast of their deeds or accomplishments.  A few even took this opportunity to share a song. 

On Saturday night, a High Symbel took place.  This was a grand formal event.  Chairs and tables were arranged in the pavilion with table cloths with seasonal decorations.  The hosts table was setup in the front where the ceremonial horns were displayed.  Kindred shields, national flags, and Kindred banners were proudly displayed around the perimeter.  Some participants took this opportunity to wear traditional garb.  Before the event, the children gathered for a slumber party that included movies and activities during the Symbel.  Just before the Symbel, Kari Tauring, a staff carrier and singer, gave us a wonderful concert consisting of Nordic-root songs.  During the Symbel, a horn was carried by a Valkrie to each person who was given the opportunity to toast a God and Goddess. During the second round, Chieftain’s Folley, an overly large drinking horn owned by JBK, was presented to each person who was given an opportunity to toast and boast a deed, an accomplishment, an ancestor, a hero, the hosts, or anything else that needed mentioning .  Heathens love to gift each other and many took this opportunity to present each other with amazing items.  Throughout the Symbel it was evident that those gathered were immensely proud of their community, their large gathering and JBK for their hard work.

During the festival, a Hof, or heathen temple, was established that included various religious images and statues honoring the heathen gods.  Participants were encouraged to take advantage of the Hof and add their own religious objects or conduct sacrifices.

Viking Games

There is nothing more fun than some friendly, but hard-fought, competition. On Saturday afternoon, everyone was invited to participate Viking Games which consisted of a Hammer Toss, a Kindred Tug-of-War, Steal the Wench and the crowd favorite, the children’s Viking Battles . 

The Viking Battles started off the Games when JBK presented the 70 children present a padded boffer sword as a gift.   Besides battling each other, various adults volunteered to act as trolls which the children attacked with enthusiasm.  The brave fallen warriors were taken of the field of battle by a Valkyrie who got to choose between Freyja’s Hall or Odin’s Hall where they were served punch and cookies.

The Hammer toss featured a heavy throwing hammer made by Craig Winkler from the Jotun’s Bane Kindred that was appropriately named Skullsplitter.  Both men and women participated in this events with each participant given two throws.  The winning throw was 47 feet 3 inches which was over 7 feet farther than the previous year.

A Kindred tug-of-war pitted kindreds against each other.  Each team consisted of three members battling for a coveted hammer trophy.  This travelling trophy is engraved with the winning Kindred’s name and held by the winning Kindred until the next LATP.  

The ever popular Steal the Wench was easily the crowd favorite.  A “house” with two rooms is outlined by a rope and a woman takes a position in the one of the rooms. A man must “steal the wench” by removing her from the house and take her to a finish line in the shortest time possible.  The woman on the other hand attempts to drag the man into the adjoining room or “thrall room” of the house. The winner is able to make the other their thrall (slave) for the rest of the weekend.

Midwest Thing

On Saturday morning, the Chieftains of each tribe gathered to formalize an agreement on how they should work together to establish strong tribes in the Midwest.  This was the first time that so many Midwestern tribes had met face to face and everyone participating was ecstatic with the results.  The result was several general laws were agreed upon to ensure the autonomy of each group but established procedures that would enable mutual support. 

Other activities

Several informational and crafts workshops were offered that allowed the participants to share knowledge of their folk ways.  Several vendors displayed crafts at the center of the camp which included jewelry, books, CDs, incense, gemstones, leatherwork, horns and various other items of heathen interest.  Community dinners were held by JBK and consisted of chili with fixings on Friday night and a hearty stew on Saturday night.  These dinners helped get the Heathens out of their individual camps and join together in community.  On Sunday, a heathen auction was held from items that were donated by participants.  The proceeds will be used to help pay expenses for the gathering as well as to add to a savings account that will be used to acquire tribal lands, build a Hof and Hall, and establish an area for heathen burials.

The event definitely achieved its primary purpose of gathering Midwest heathens together to meet face-to-face so that they could talk, swap stories, laugh and play together.  Pride was very evident as heathens continually chose this moment to boast their faith and the virtues of their community.   Declarations that next year’s events will be twice as big were heard often and from my perspective, a very real possibility.

Join Us To Learn How To Achieve Personal Growth this Season

On Thursday, October 21st, the Spirit Circle will conduct a free workshop that will help you make sacred those things that  you want to release and that which you desire to become. 

Join us for this month’s Spirit Circle as we examine the question, “What is it about myself that I now choose to let go in order to continue growing?” As Autumn begins and Samhain approaches, we have the opportunity to look back on the lessons and growth of the last year. After recognizing our victories, perhaps we might choose to look to the future and to contemplate what we desire and long for next. And in that looking, perhaps we will see the things that it is time to let go of, the things that have served for their time and now can be freely relinquished.

To make such a sacrifice may be a mournful thing, but it can be more than that, too. The very word “sacrifice,” by its roots, means “to perform sacred rites.” Perhaps another meaning can be “to make sacred.” If we choose, we can make sacred both the things we now choose to let go and the things that in our hearts we long to become. This upcoming Spirit Circle is being held as an opportunity to do exactly that.

The Spirit Circle is the monthly gathering sponsored by the Heartland Spiritual Alliance as a way to keep the keep the spirit of the Heartland Pagan Festival alive year-round. This year, the Sacred Experience Committee has changed the format from a topical discussion to a more personal, interactive experience. Recognizing that our community is blessed with a great diversity of beliefs, the workshop is appropriate for all religious paths.

The workshop will take place on Thursday, 21 October,  at 7:00pm in the upstairs in the Midtown gallery of Aquarius Bookstore located at 3936 Broadway, Kansas City, Missouri. For more information you can contact Steve Smith at

The next U.S.G.L. Kaaba Colloquium is occurring in Kansas City, MO, November 5-7th.

U.S. Grand Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis sponsors Kaaba Colloquium which is dedicated to helping active O.T.O. initiates increase their knowledge and skills with strategies, tactics, and advice on leadership roles and activities, and to allow them to meet with successful and prominent leaders from all over the nation. The events are held at local bodies throughout the country, typically twice per year.  While Kaaba is aimed at current and aspiring local body officers, it is open to any member in good standing of the I° or above who wishes to attend.

The presenters at Kaaba Colloquium are experienced O.T.O. leaders with practical, hands-on experience in running local bodies. Their presentations cover topics running the gamut from local body finances to resolving disputes between members to techniques for retaining and motivating members.

This event is being hosted by Heru-Behutet Oasis. Registration for the event is open now:

Kaaba Colloquium will be held at the Hotel Aladdin in Downtown Kansas City, MO.  Registration is $35 for Local Body Officers and $40 for all other attendees. This event is restricted to the I*.  To book your reservation follow the link above for instructions.  When registering, use group code provided to get the group rate of $95 per night for single or double occupancy.

Kaaba begins Friday night with a social and advanced check-in at the Hotel from 7:30pm to 11pm. Check-in opens Saturday at 7:30am. The workshop begins promptly at 9am Saturday. We begin promptly at 9:30am Sunday. There are socials on Saturday and Sunday.

If you have any other questions, contact

Kansas City Pagan Pride Day 2010

Kansas City held its 12th Annual Pagan Pride Day from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on August 28th, 2010 in Macken Park, North Kansas City, Missouri. 

The event coordinator, Autumnwolf, reports that the event was attended by about 300 individuals throughout the day.  The day was filled with charity drives, workshops, live entertainment, information booths and plenty of community.

The Pagan Pride Day event sponsored two charities this year: the Dream Factory of Greater Kansas City and the Harvesters food bank .  Steve Hardin, the Dream Factory’s Director of Community Relations, helped start the day by giving those attending a short presentation on the Dream Factory’s mission and some their many success stories.  Several fund-raising activities were held throughout the day to help raise money for this wonderful cuase.  The popular silent auction was able to raise $721 from items donated by individuals within the Pagan community.  $182 was collected by Embellished Body who set up a donation jar and face-painted most of the children and applied henna to a lot of the adults. A new activity called “Pie in the Eye” was added this year. Everyone was given the opportunity to vote for their favorite Pagan who would then receive a cream-filled pie in their face at the end of the day.  The “winners” were incredibly good sports and helped raise $22.  At the end, the KC Pagan Pride Day was able to present the Dream Factory a donation of $975.  Also in honor of the Fall Equinox, which is celebrated by many Pagans as their “Thanksgiving”, donations of food were collected and donated to the local Harvesters food bank.

Several free workshops were offered throughout the day. Salem from Tulsa, OK  lead a participation workshop on Astrology and a second workshop on Celtic Trees.  Salem’s wife Phebe also conducted a workshop on Cauldron Building.  Alfred Willowhawk from Lawrence, KS presented a workshop on Sacred Pathways – The Mirror To Your Soul.  Avatar De Danann of Shawnee, KS presented a discussion on the Fairie Path – The Magical Mind. 

Skewb and the KC Drum Tribe entertained the crowd for their second consecutive PPD and got the crowd dancing. The Peaty Bog Water Band, a new three-person band lead by Avatar, helped close out the event.  

Representatives from several local covens, the Heartland Spiritual Alliance, Ozark Avalon, and the Gaea Goddess Gathering festival established information booths and answered questions on events and activities in the area.

Several organizations and individuals helped sponsor this year’s Kansas City Pagan Pride Day event to help pay for the operating costs.  Platinum sponsors included the Heartland Spiritual Alliance, Candledark Internet Solutions and Autumnwolf.  Cyberpunk Computers was a Gold sponsor.  And the Jera Kenaz Lunae Coven, Angela and Neil Krout, Amethyst Dreams, Elohim Lushede Coven, and the Gaea Goddess Gathering were Silver Sponsors.

The Kansas City Pagan Pride Day is affiliated with the Pagan Pride Day Project  whose  primary purpose is advancement of religion and elimination of prejudice and discrimination based on religious beliefs.  In 2009, the Kansas City Pagan Pride Day officially became a Missouri Nonprofit Corporation and a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.  For more information, you can contact the Kansas City Pagan Pride Day coordinator at and visit the web site at

PNC-Heartland Bureau launched

PNC-Heartland Bureau, a local bureau for the Pagan Newswire Collective, was launched today.

The Pagan Newswire Collective (PNC) is a national effort lead by Jason Pitzl-Waters, the author of the blog The Wild Hunt and a leading voice on how Paganism is portrayed in mainstream media.  The PNC was established to promote the “the education and enrichment of the interconnected Pagan and Heathen communities and their allies through the medium of news.”  By establishing an open collective of Pagan journalists and writers who are interesting sharing and promoting primary-source reporting, they hope to influence mainstream media narratives concerning modern Pagan faiths. Local bureaus provide the backbone for this effort because they “empower our local communities to engage in their own journalism.”  These bureaus will act as the “on the ground” source for stories and articles which PNC Main will then disseminate to a national or international audience. ” 

The PNC-Heartland Bureau was launched on 23 September 2010 by two Kansas City and one Wichita Pagan who are committed to gathering Pagan news in the Kansas and western Missouri region.  They have established a blog at  If you have questions, news or would like to be part of this effort, please contact us at