The Pagan Temple for Families and Solitaries is holding Full Harvest Moon Ritual

From the Meetup Group The Pagan Temple for Families and Solitaries

Full Harvest Moon Ritual
October 23rd, 5:00 pm

Tonight is the night of full moon, a time of beauty and magick. Ever since people began to notice the waxing and waning of that silver orb in the night sky, they honored its connection to women, its connection to the earth. We come together to embrace the power of the full moon and celebrate the Goddess within us all. At this time the moon is at its greatest power. Full Moon Night is a favorite night for women to reconnect with their ancient birthright of mystery, remembering a time when women were sacred embodiments of a life-giving goddess. This is also a night for men to connect to the Divine Feminine, to find comfort in the Goddess in all Her many aspects.

Tonight is the Full Harvest Moon is the full moon seen in October. Come share with us this joyous night and drink in the fullness and intensely intimate moment with the Goddess. This time of year the Goddess is in Her Crone stage. Lets celebrate this stage in Her cycle and that of the earths.

All are welcome.

Please bring a pillow to sit on, and a snack or drink to share. Also, if you have an instrument please feel free to bring it.

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