Luna Lushede announces Open Samhain Ritual

From an open invitation on Facebook:

The Lushede Grove would like to invite you to join us for our 13th annual Samhain ritual. This ritual is family-friendly and open to anyone who wishes to attend. Children are welcome and there will be “trick-or-treating” immediately following the ritual. Wear your street clothes, ritual robes or costumes for the evening. We request that no extremely scary costumes be worn due to small children who will be present. Thank you.

We do plan to have this outside, weather permitting. Inside the house should things turn off rainy or just too cold. Please dress appropriately. We will have a fire going in the large cauldron.

We will be feasting first for this holiday. A warm soup and bread will be served, and we will provide the tableware. Feel free to bring along another side-dish and/or desert with you. Please also bring along drinks for yourself and/or to share. Ice will be provided. Ritual to follow.

We also ask that all adults bring along a bag of candy. The children will be “trick-or-treating” all the adults AFTER the ritual (not before). Kids usually come away with a ton of candy from this alone. We appreciate the adults helping us to provide these community children with a safe Halloween experience.

There will be a plate set aside for you to serve a small portion of your food as an offering to your ancestors who have passed before. Also, if you wish to bring a picture of someone who has crossed to the other-world and place it on our ancestor table that would be welcomed, and feel free to light a candle in their honor. This may be any loved one – 2-legged or 4-legged (or feathered or finned – if that be the case).

If you need further information, see our website for maps at or feel free to contact Selene at 816-898-2892′

Time:  Sunday, October 31 · 9:00pm – 11:30pm

Location:  Lushede Covenstead, 11505 East 78th Terrace, Raytown, MO

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