First PPP a success

On October 8,9 & 10th, the Pagan Patriarchal Phest was held at the Gaea Retreat Center with the goal to explore, discuss, honor and acknowledge the God in all His many forms. 

Here is a report submitted by Blair Marshall:

We had a total of twelve attendees at the first PPP. We shared ideas and views on life paths, beliefs, ourselves, fatherhood, mentorship and fellowship. The general feeling was that a foundation for future festivals was soundly laid, that a fellowship was formed and the continuous work of building a strong masculine community was begun. The Saturday night Sweat Lodge was well received and enjoyed by all who could attend it. Sunday morning we all covered some important topics that finished ideas presented after the opening ritual on Friday evening.

Pagan Patriarchal Phest has been renamed Pagan Patriarchal Paths. The
name change felt necessary once the fine tuning of the festivals mission and goals was accomplished and those who attended the Sunday morning discussion agreed that the change of “Phest” to “Paths” just fit better. Our Festival came to a close at around 11:30 and we were packed and ready to go home by 12:30. After a sweep of First Field to check for trash, damage to the land or gear left behind we all said our goodbyes and ventured back into the world.

We hope to see more of those who showed interest next year. More to come as dates are set, the website is redesigned and we secure presenters, rituals and other details throughout the coming year.

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  1. Thank you for the coverage. You fine folk do a great service for the Pagan Community and we look forward to being able to submit a review of our festival in the future that will be as complimentary and inspiring as the one about GGG.

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