Pagan Patriarchal Phest – Re-energizing male energy at Camp Gaea

This weekend on October 8,9 & 10th, the Pagan Patriarchal Phest is being held at the Gaea Retreat Center with the goal to explore, discuss, honor and acknowledge the God in all His many forms.  This festival is only open to those that are male or self-identify as male.

The organizers of this festival feel that Pagans have gone to an extreme of Goddess worship, overlooking and ignoring the Man standing next to the Lady and have organized a men-only festival to focus on issues affecting men or those that self-identify as male.  Blair Marshall, the primary organizer of the events stated, “The purpose of this festival is to bring about a balancing in a culture that boasts it’s desire for balance in all things yet is firmly turned towards Goddess worship opposed to God and Goddess worship.  It is also being presented to organize a Masculine community of support and growth similar to that of GGG (Gaea Goddess Gather).”

Topics of discussion will include what it means to be masculine, what/who the Male Triad are, how masculine energy differs from feminine energy in day to day life as well as when working in circle. There will be guided discussions about the Warrior Path, the Sage Path, and the Artisan/Craftsman Path.

Other activities include a Sweat Lodge for eight to ten participants on Saturday.  Additional sweats may be added if there is interest.

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  1. This is fantastic. It is no secret that Paganism is composed mostly of women these days. Hopefully festivals like these will work to bring balance to our new religious movement. I do not wish my young boys to grow up feeling estranged and out of place as males in a primarily Goddess-oriented faith.

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