Join Us To Learn How To Achieve Personal Growth this Season

On Thursday, October 21st, the Spirit Circle will conduct a free workshop that will help you make sacred those things that  you want to release and that which you desire to become. 

Join us for this month’s Spirit Circle as we examine the question, “What is it about myself that I now choose to let go in order to continue growing?” As Autumn begins and Samhain approaches, we have the opportunity to look back on the lessons and growth of the last year. After recognizing our victories, perhaps we might choose to look to the future and to contemplate what we desire and long for next. And in that looking, perhaps we will see the things that it is time to let go of, the things that have served for their time and now can be freely relinquished.

To make such a sacrifice may be a mournful thing, but it can be more than that, too. The very word “sacrifice,” by its roots, means “to perform sacred rites.” Perhaps another meaning can be “to make sacred.” If we choose, we can make sacred both the things we now choose to let go and the things that in our hearts we long to become. This upcoming Spirit Circle is being held as an opportunity to do exactly that.

The Spirit Circle is the monthly gathering sponsored by the Heartland Spiritual Alliance as a way to keep the keep the spirit of the Heartland Pagan Festival alive year-round. This year, the Sacred Experience Committee has changed the format from a topical discussion to a more personal, interactive experience. Recognizing that our community is blessed with a great diversity of beliefs, the workshop is appropriate for all religious paths.

The workshop will take place on Thursday, 21 October,  at 7:00pm in the upstairs in the Midtown gallery of Aquarius Bookstore located at 3936 Broadway, Kansas City, Missouri. For more information you can contact Steve Smith at

2 Responses

  1. For those of you interested that is on Thursday the 21st, not this thursday.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I updated the News Release to clarify this better.

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